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Free Spay/Neuter clinic

We are pleased to be partnering with the JR Peterson Foundation to provide free spay & neuter surgeries for our island's residents!

To sign up:

1. Click the Registration button

2. Select the type of clinic (dog/cat); which clinic (month); and

which date from the drop down menus.  

3. If the available dates don't work, click the small red "waitlist"

circle in the middle of the page to be notified when new clinics

are added.  

4. Provide required contact information.

4. Validate your phone (mobile number only) and email


5. Once validated, you will receive a QR code, your registration


4. If you have added yourself to the waitlist or if the clinic date

you selected is full, you will automatically be notified of the

next available date. You must then SIGN UP for that date. It is

not automatic. 


Microchipping and core vaccines are included.


All cats will receive a required eartip.

Spaying and neutering are vital to controlling overpopulation and the well-being of pets, people, and communities.


Benefits For Pets

Neutering decreases the risk of prostatic disease, hernias, and certain cancers in males. Spaying eliminates life-threatening conditions such as ovarian cancer and pyometra and has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers in females.

Since sterilized pets no longer feel the need to roam to look for a mate, they are more likely to stay home, which decreases the risk of traumatic accidents, exposure to diseases, or getting into fights.

Spaying and neutering benefits also include:

  • Lifespan: Longer, healthier lives in both cats and dogs.  

  • Behavior: Unaltered pets often exhibit more behavioral and territorial problems than those who have been spayed or neutered. It also reduces the instinct in cats to spray and mark their territory and reduces stress and anxiety by leveling hormonal fluctuations across all animals. 

Benefits for Communities

Communities reap significant benefits from the widespread practice of spaying and neutering.

  • Reduced human injury and property damage. When free-roaming dogs and cats are hungry, they wander into human-populated areas looking for food. This often leads to accidents, property damage, or human injury.  

  • Reduced risk of disease. Free-roaming pets are more likely to carry diseases, which increases the risk of passing those diseases or parasites on to owned pets or humans.

  • Reduced economic pressures on the community. Pet overpopulation can be a significant financial burden on taxpayers and private agencies. Capturing, sheltering, providing medical care, and managing the pet overpopulation costs millions of dollars annually.  

Benefits for Pet Owners

Choosing to spay or neuter your pet is a responsible decision and helps you create a better relationship with your cat or dog. Here are a few essential ways altering your pet is beneficial to you:  

  • Creates stronger bonds. Spayed and neutered pets are more affectionate companions.  

  • Reduces aggression. You may be concerned about biting or aggressive behaviors if you have children, other pets, or vulnerable people in your household. A sterilized pet is typically calmer.

  • Prevent a litter. You are less likely to have surprise puppies or kittens you need to care for, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

  • Spayed and Neutered pets are cleaner. They are less likely to spray and mark their territory, and a female dog or cat no longer has a heat cycle, decreasing the need to clean up after them.

Making the important decision to spay and neuter your pet contributes to their well-being and the community and ultimately creates a stronger relationship between you and your pet.   

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