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We provide hope, health, and homes

for animals on Kauai...


...but we cannot do it without your support.


If an animal is treatable, we will do our best to help that animal. We will work with and appreciate the humans of Kauai who love our island’s animals. We will ask for help and lend support. We will listen. We will run with creative ideas. If something doesn’t work, we will try something else. If something does work, we will throw ourselves into it. We will operate with honesty, integrity, and transparency, so the people of Kauai know they can trust us with our animal friends. We will throw tennis balls, dangle pretend mice, and scratch behind ears. And if all an animal needs is love, we will offer a quiet lap for comfort for as long as needed, even if our legs fall asleep.

To support our efforts, please donate!

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