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Veterinary Assistance Application Approval Process


** Critical Note to Clinics and Veterinarians: Kauai SPCA does not currently offer approvals by phone. If the animal's life is in immediate danger, you must decide how to proceed as a licensed professional. The fact that you provide treatment does not automatically generate approval from KSPCA.   

KSPCA will not consider reimbursement situations of any kind. If you have already paid your veterinarian for services, please seek other arrangements for assistance.

** Incomplete requests will be automatically delayed. Specifically if any piece of required information is left blank, we will not be able to assist until application is complete. The typical process takes anywhere from 2-5 business days, depending upon the requirements of treatment and, most importantly, the cooperation of the pet owner and doctor. 

STEP 1: The family completes our "Apply for Veterinary Assistance" application online. For those requests that require an urgent review by our Case Manager(s), a response will be emailed to the pet owner within 24 hours.

STEP 2: If needed, a Case Manager(s) will contact the Veterinary Hospital and pet owner for additional information. If the case qualifies for assistance, a Case Manager will contact the Veterinary Clinic by email requesting additional information. Note to Clinics and Veterinarians: Requesting information from you does NOT automatically generate an "approval". Veterinarians who proceed with treatment are doing so at their own risk. The application MUST be approved by KSPCA to qualify for the program.

STEP 4: Once we have the family's information and the Veterinarian's information, our Case Manager will review all documentation against the Guidelines approved and set forth by the Board of Directors.

STEP 5: An email, stating approval or denial will be sent to the pet owner and Veterinarian. We will do our best to work with you through crisis situations. However, KSPCA is a tiny organization, with limited funding. It is important that you are comfortable with the fact that not all families meet our criteria. There are many reasons that may lead to a denial. When we have more cases than we can afford to fund at one time, we are forced to review each family's entire application and compare it to one another to make our decision. 


Whether you meet the above criteria or not, we encourage you to apply. In addition to supplementing veterinary bills, we can also sometimes offer educational guidance and referral to lower cost treatment alternatives, creative payment alternatives and / or other programs to help you.

KSPCA does not "just pay bills," we work with the clinic and the family to find the best, most affordable path to saving the pet. Proceeding to apply indicates that you understand and accept that we do not just supplement medical bills. We bridge the gap. If we cannot bridge the gap needed to save your beloved pet, we are not going to make a commitment. It may seem harsh, but we must put our limited funding where it can do the most good. 


To begin the request, please click on the link below:


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