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Our newest program is our Free Spay/Neuter Program. To help Kauai pet owners who are struggling financially, we are now offering to help with spay/neuter surgeries. This program is dependent on the funding we have available, and applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, click here.


The Veterinary Assistance program provides financial assistance to pet owners in Kauai facing economic hardship in cases where their animal needs critical veterinary care. To apply click here


As Kauai SPCA does not have a facility, we are able to bring homeless cats and dogs into our care only through the generosity of foster parents. Our foster program is designed to help animals from Kauai get a second chance at finding a home — a chance they may not have received otherwise. Many of the animals who need foster homes require extra care and attention, which shelters often don’t have the staff or resources to provide. But in a loving foster home, every animal can get the individual attention they need to find a forever family.

If you are interested fostering a dog  apply here.

If you are interested in fostering a cat apply here.



With countless homeless animals on Kaua'i and not enough adoptive homes to accommodate them all, our transfer program relocates animals to locations on the West Coast where there is demand for adoptable animals. Working with rescues and shelters in California, Oregon, and Washington, we regularly send animals to our amazing partners who find homes for these animals quickly, helping alleviate the pet overpopulation issue on Kauai.

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